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This book addresses some of the central challenges of management: How do you make sense of your situation? How do you probe alternative realities? What is your mental model? Understanding these issues is critical to each of us and central to key decisions that shape our professional and personal lives. Jerry Wind and Colin Crook offer a much-needed process for probing these issues in a structured way."

John S. Reed, Chairman, New York Stock Exchange, and former Chairman and CEO, Citigroup

This book offers a road map with a real set of attributes that can help us make the tough choices in a time of transition. I would put this book at the top of my ‘keeper’ list for those on the front lines of change management and mission accomplishment."

Lt. General (Ret.) USAF Kenneth A. Minihan,
Former Head of NSA.

I have been trying to explain why Japan has fallen into a pitfall and cannot come out of even the simplest problems. One can call it an innovators dilemma, but that does not solve the problem. This book suggests we have to go back to the basics of reviewing our underlying ‘mental models’ now and then, and only then, have to construct a new model, perhaps plural, and move onto exploring the new terrain."

Kenichi Ohmae Author of the international bestseller, The Borderless World

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I have now started the "blog" for Impossible Thinking, so please go and enjoy. I am starting to produce 'stuff' so the site will build up over time. Thanks, Colin Crook.

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